The new technological frontier towards open innovation


We transform waste sludge into valuable bio-resources


We design technologies able to produce a bio-based and bio-degradable high performance and price competitive PHA, starting from feedstock with negative value, developing a robust and circular industrial process

History of B-PLAS

B‐PLAS was born as a research project of the University of Bologna, Italy and in 2018 it received a European funding under the EIT-Climate KIC program.

The following year, Diemme Filtration invested in the B-PLAS project, and now Aqseptence Group supports this innovative Start-up as a majority shareholder.

The challenge

B-PLAS will collaborate with Diemme Filtration to design, assemble and supply 1 to 1 scale plants aimed at reducing the sludge to be disposed of, by valorizing a waste product as a new raw material through a biological-chemical process.

With this process of recycling and reprocessing, B-PLAS enables the increasing spread and use of bioplastics, thus also creating a benefit for our society and environment.